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How to market your business with Facebook Ads Guide!

by Jourdan Javalera
Facebook Ads Guide Assessment
Facebook is now the largest traffic source in the world, after recently overtaking Google for the #1 spot? Combined with the fact that Google Adwords is becoming obsolete for affiliates because of their arcane policies, Facebook ads is now one of the best places for affiliates looking to make big money. But if you haven’t done Facebook advertising before, how do you get started? Luckily super affiliate Jonathan Volk has just released his Facebook Ads Guide detailing how he made over $3693.21 per day over his past 10 months on Facebook. This is a great a resource for any Facebook marketing for personal Facebook Adds or using it for Facebook for business. I just bought a copy of this e-book, and below I’ve written up my Facebook Ads Guide Review
Facebook Ads Guide by Jonathan Volk is a product in the E-business & E-marketing category. Released on 2010-05-28, it has been on the market for almost 1 year so it is getting established. Over this period it became a Top 1000 bestseller on, which is a great achievement. Inside its subcategory, Social Media Marketing, it is ranking #3, with only 2 products ahead of it in terms of sales volume. At 79.00 USD, the price is somewhat expensive.
If you’ve got this far, chances are you’re jolly concerned in this guide and the concept of facebook marketing. The Author has a well constituted name in the selling industry and internet marketing. Just Google the Author’s name and see the scads of interviews, client posts on huge name blogs, and more.
Starting a business
Jonathan Volk says all to let you know the Author is not nerve-wracking to show you some get rich ready system or give you useless information. This is a legitimize take with a legitimize way for you to see how to push on facebook advertising – just the same methods the Author used. Remember, this can be used for personal Facebook advertising as well as facebook for business.
Most of the time when “Gurus” establish a new production they give out some of the of import information. Because the Jonathan Volk as a seller’s name is on the line, the Author has made every try to admit EVERY bit of point near qualification money exploitation facebook as possible. No secrets are left out in advertising on Facebook.
PS > It’s not some trick. The Author real am loss to be increasing the price. The low cost is to get more customers so the Author can have more testimonials to put up.
So What’s Facebook Ads Guide?
Facebook Ads Guide is powerful course about advertising on Facebook using the untapped traffic source giant. For internet marketers, they start to see Facebook adds as a new way to promote business and drive traffic, aside from Google. Remember, Facebook advertising is not just for individuals, you can use Facebook for business advertising also and small business Marketing.

Small business Ideas.
Some have  claimed to have made money online or have been able to drive traffic by advertising campaigns on Facebook. If you do your math's correctly, this can be huge! It’s not easy to advertise campaigns on Facebook if you’re an absolute beginner but it can be learned. You can become a Facebook advertiser.
It takes trial and error to master it but before you’ve mastered the art of doing advertising on Facebook, you’ve probably have lost a huge chuck of money. Why waste time and money when you can learn from the Facebook Marketing master? Jonathan Volk knows his stuff very well and he’s a reputable marketer.
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Product Description

Here What Facebook Ads Guide Will Do For You…

The Facebook Add guide is a 40 page e-book that is broken down into 6 parts:
Find A Company to Promote
Starts out with a short intro to making money as an affiliate marketer, explains CPA networks, and how to find an offers to promote. If you are new to affiliate marketing in general you fill find the tips on applying to CPA networks useful, as well as Jonathan’s recommended CPA networks to join. Jonathan also share’s the niches that work best Facebook marketing.
Demographic Targeting
Demographic targeting is one of the key factors to succeeding with Facebook ads. In this section, Jonathan goes into what demographic targeting is, the targeting options available on Facebook and how to find the demographics of your chosen offer.
High CTR ads
The way to make big money on Facebook is to create high CTR ads. In this section you will learn the Ads on Facebook structure, the best types of images to use, and effective ad headlines. This is really useful information, so you will want to read this over several times to get the full grasp of Facebook Marketing .
Bidding Strategy
In this section you will learn the difference between CPC and CPM bidding, how to set your daily budgets, and some cool shortcuts to write effective ads on Facebook.
Making Your First Campaign
Here you will learn how to setup your Facebook advertising account, creating your ad, and getting it approved. Getting ads approved can sometimes be tricky so there’s some good info here and is very important in making money from Facebook.
Maximizing your Campaign potential
This is my favorite part of the Facebook Ads Guide this section is for new and experienced Facebook Advertisers alike. This section is all about making your campaigns profitable. You will learn about tracking, split testing ads and some really useful tips on increasing volume and overcoming banner blindness. There’s also a short walk through on how to properly use the popular FB Ads Manager extension to automate the submissions of your Facebook ads. Make sure to read this section carefully, as this is the difference between succeeding and failing on Facebook adds.

Here’s What You Need To Do Next…
Jonathan Volk has put a lot of effort in to this Facebook Ads Guide and it really shows, he really has revealed everything he knows about Facebook advertising, so really after reading this guide you know the exact method he’s used to make a million and earn over 3k a day, that means there’s nothing but laziness stopping you achieving at least a small profit.
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Is the Facebook Ads Guide Worth Buying?
If you want a solid foundation to Facebook ads, then yes, I think the guide is worth buying to learn about advertising on Facebook. It is primarily aimed at affiliate marketers who are just starting to get their feet wet with Facebook marketing before and if you are in this camp, I think you will learn a lot from it. For more experienced Facebook marketing, you will probably get the most out of the last section of the book as there are several techniques discussed that really haven’t been discussed before.
If you are starting a business in digital on line and you want a business plan template for digital marketing so this book will fit you very much .
This e-book was built for effective marketing on the internet and gives you very good ideas to promote your product and maximize the income from your business.
This e-book fit all the business that need internet marketing.
The Cost
If you purchase the Facebook Ads Guide during the 4 day pre-launch sale, you can get 20% off the e-book and purchase it for $77. After that, the price goes up to $97. If you are interested in seeing how the super affiliates are making big money on Facebook, then give the FB Ads Guide a look. This e-book is chock full of useful information and I think there’s something in here for everyone.
The cost of this take was in the beginning loss to be set to $97, but for an express time, extra LAUNCH price, the Author has rock-bottom the cost down to JUST $79!
Another added value for thіѕ product іѕ that Facebook Ads Guide hаѕ 100% money back guarantees іn case уου are not satisfied with FacebookAds Guide. So, trying out Facebook AdsGuide wουld bе a RISK-FREE сhοісе…
Hurry, the cost is scheduled to growth to $97 very soon and without notice! And he offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee that no one else can match
NOTE: This is an INSTANT PDF download. You will be able to approach the FB Ads Guide straightaway later payment.
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One other good thing about purchasing the Facebook Ads guide are the included bonuses. Usually, most bonus products aren’t very good, but Jonathan has included these awesome Facebook Ads Guide bonuses:
  • Facebook Fan Page List Bonus
  • Facebook Keyword Targeting List Bonus
  • Super Affiliate Offer Guide Bonus
The super affiliate offer guide bonus isn’t ready yet, but the other two are excellent additions to the FB Ads Guide. The first is a PDF that contains the top fan page lists on Facebook for different categories. So if you are targeting game CPA offers, then check out the Top Fan Pages – Games list. With Facebook ads, you can target different Facebook fan pages which makes this list a great resource for getting highly targeted, high traffic visitors to see your ads.
The Facebook Keyword Targeting List Bonus is also another fantastic resource. Using keywords is essential for creating high CTR Facebook ads and included in this pdf are the top keywords in Facebook broken down by category. Plus there’s a huge list of the Top 3010 Facebook Profile Keywords. Each keyword listed was found in at least 100k user profiles so you can get some great traffic from them. This is a big plus for any Facebook for business.
If you purchase the Facebook Ads Guide e-book  through my link and e-mail me at with a prove from this e-book that you already buy it, I will give you a simple and free way to have 225 $ facebooke coupons, with this way all of us win.
PPS > Wow. You real read everything? Impressive! If you got all the way down here, it must mean you’re serious. There is no break prospect than you to make money on-line because it takes commitment and get to make it. Go get it! Facebook advertising works, how could it not with over 500,000,000 users. There is  easy ways to make money on Facebook!
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